When I started creating my cartoon characters on paper and vinyl, I started to imagine if I could bring these characters to life......and how I could go about doing so.......first stage I need to make them BIGGER! 
So I bought a jigsaw and some sheets of plywood....and lots and lots of paint.

My very first cutout was a little fox (I needed to see if I could manage to safely work a jigsaw haha) ....Hudson is keeping a close eye on him….




One of my first projects was a Valentines one called ‘The Lonely ‘Art Club’ where I cut and painted a series of cartoon hearts and placed them around Dundee for folk to find and keep.






I then created a family of ducks which found a home up at the Swanny ponds.....


My biggest project so far was my ‘AnimalZ’ collection....an A-Z journey of the animal kingdom from around the world. I cut out and painted 26 animals in as many days with little info videos alongside each one. I displayed them in my garden each day (check out my FREE AnimalZ Colouring sheet)  


Since last Summer I have completed a whole heap of commissions including.....Tunnocks Wafers, a monkey, a rhino, a red robin, an otter and a whole lot more. 


At Halloween, I created a ‘Peculiar Pumkin Patch’ full of cartoon pumpkins, a gravestone, a ghost and some bats.....


So, if you have an idea for a gift or something for yourself made of wood, then get in touch and I can make your ideas come to life

Prices range from £20-£100 

*No copyrighted characters can be created for sale